In order to draw attention to and to promote specific individuals or projects, the European Cultural Centre annually awards a designer for their outstanding design, concept and its execution.

The ECC Prize will each time be awarded to a designer, participating in the VENICE DESIGN exhibition, who is dedicated to his/her/their work over a longer period of time. Each awarded designer is in the ECCs opinion of significant value for the further development of design. The winner of the award was announced and notified on 30 November 2016.    

Shortlisted for the ECC DESIGN AWARD 2016 were: 

Eckhard Beger (CHE), Paul Kelley (GBR), 
Satyendra Pakhale (IND), Karim Rashid (CAN-USA), Robert Wettstein (CHE)

The ECC DESIGN AWARD 2016 has been awarded to:

Karim Rashid (Canada-USA)