EXHIBITION TITLE      Between Two Waters, Searching for Expression in the Seychelles
 PARTICIPANTS Architects: Alex Ellenberger Makoto Saito Shuchita Bihani 
 COMMISSIONER         Ms. Benjamine Rose Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Seychelles
 CURATOR      Andrés F. Ramirez PLANE-SITE
 COLLABORATORS     Werner Schulz, Greenhut Images & Sound, Seychelles
 SUPPORTERS     Venner Medical Technologies, Seychelles



A nation, like a person, forms its identity by relating to its surroundings-its networks and borders. How, then, does a nation 1500 kilometres from its nearest neighbour develop a cultural language, or more specifically, an architecture? For the Seychelles, contact with water, is, in a geographical and symbolical sense, all-encompassing. No single force-whether diverse colonial heritage, insatiable global tourism, rising sea levels or warming waters-can define the island's emerging architectural language. Isolated, and yet essentially open to the international currents brought by the sea, the Seychelles searches for its own voice. The islands are home to a reservoir of cultural influences and people, where architecture interacts with water, rather than stylistic undercurrents. Caught in between sporadic rainfall and the boundless sea, the islands face an ironic dilemma of resourcefulness and fantasy. reports on the timeless nature of the Seychelles and the contemporary state of its architecture. On a journey for self-expression, the firm interprets how daily life shapes the built environment- like the wind combs the sand. Tactical responses adopted from island vernacular rescue local traditions and celebrate resilient principles of simplicity. In a unique context, searches for expression to question the substance of local architecture and its place in today's paradise islands.

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Mr. Alex Ellenberger B.A (Hons) AA dipl Principal Architects Born in Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles 1971 Lives and Works in Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles 
Mr. Makoto Saito B.Sc (Hons) AAdipl Principal Architects Born in Mie, Japan 1961 Lives and Works in London, UK & Mahe, Seychelles 
Ms. Shuchita Bihani B.Arch Architect at Architects Born in Kolkata, India 1988 Lives and Works in Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles 
Curator: Mr. Andres F. Ramirez, M Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1985 Lives and Works in Berlin, Germany


Mr Alex Ellenberger B.A(Hons) AA dipl Alex Ellenberger is Founder, Managing Director and Principal Architect of After schooling in India and the Isle of Wight, he attended the Victoria University of Manchester from which he obtained a First Class degree in Architecture . Following a formative internship with the celebrated Architect Geoffrey Bawa, in Sri Lanka, he attended the Diploma School at the Architectural Association (AA) London UK, from which he obtained his Diploma in Architecture. He has lived in numerous countries and speaks English, Creole, Spanish and French.

Mr Makoto Saito B.Sc (Hons) AAdipl Makoto Saito is a co-Founder, Director and Principal Architect of He is made in Japan and assembled at the Bartlett School of Architecture University College London and at the Diploma School of the Architectural Association (AA) London UK. His academic posts include 8 years at AA School of Architecture as Diploma Master, Intermediate Master, Graduate DRL School Academic Tutor. He is an invited juror/critic at AA, Bartlett and Cambridge University School of Architecture.

Ms Shuchita Bihani B.Arch Shuchita Bihani is an architect, she was born in Kolkata India and graduated from R.V.School of Architecture Bangalore with a First Class degree in Architecture. After working in Mumbai and Bangalore she moved to the Seychelles to join the team.

Mr. Andres Ramirez M.Sc. Andres Ramirez is a sociologist, writer and curator. He investigates the semantics of space in architecture and urban planning, placing an emphasis on social processes and the public realm. He is a founding partner of PLANE- SITE, a global agency devoted to the production and dissemination of original content for the built environment. 


Reflection, Royal Palm Residences Villa I 2013 Author: Architects Photo Credit: Sebastian Posingis

 Breeze, ICH HQ 2000 Author: Architects Photo Credit:

Vista, Fregate Island Private Hotel Spa & Gymnasium 2006 Author: Architects Photo Credit: Fregate Island Private